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Talking Minds Counselling


NCPS Accredited


Welcome to Talking Minds Counselling!

I understand that finding a counsellor can be daunting and putting trust in a person you don't know can feel overwhelming.


I am a passionate professional in the counselling field and I am determined to provide support and help you work towards meeting your goals. By combining integrative counselling, mental health, and therapy strategies, I create tailored approaches to help address a wide range of issues and concerns.


I am non-judgemental, open, and work to create a safe space for you to share and process whatever comes up throughout our sessions. 

Confidentiality is paramount in counselling but I am happy to sign non disclosure agreements for any of my clients "high profile" or not.

Areas of Expertise

I am an accredited NCPS Counsellor using an integrative approach which draws on traditions of cognitive behaviour, person centred and Gestalt therapies

Carole Salter Talking Minds Counselling

My style of counselling is based on respect and empathy encouraging you on your personal change.  I make sure we use safe and gentle skills with positivity and I can help with motivation and coaching, if you feel a change of direction is needed.

I specialise in Trauma which covers so many areas in our lives;

Loss                                             Couples / Relationship

Grief                                             Anger Management

Anxiety                                         Shame

Sexual Abuse / Rape                   Stress

Domestic Abuse                          Divorce / Separation


Talking Minds Counselling




Virtual Therapy

Counselling has changed with the advent of COVID and it has shown that online/virtual therapy works as well as personal face to face appointments.

The benefits are you can be anywhere in the world to access my services.


Face to Face Therapy

Face to face therapy offers a more intimate version of counselling and for some people the personal interaction helps build a relationship with me faster.

I work from lovely bright offices in the  centre of St Albans.


Couples Therapy

If you are struggling in your relationship don't be discouraged. Couples therapy may help you turn things around if you and your partner are trying to improve your relationship.

In counselling we look at healthy communication and positive ways to move forward.


A few happy words

"Visiting Carole is the one thing I do for myself where no one "steals" my time. I can talk or not it's my choice. I feel my shoulders drop when I walk into her office"
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