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About Me

Carole lead counsellor at Talking Minds Counselling St Al Bans

I specialise in Trauma  and Life Counselling

So what does Trauma mean in relation to counselling? 

Trauma is our body's response to a significantly stressful or distressing event, which can completely take over our ability to cope in "life situations."


Having counselling can normalise the experience of trauma and by giving a name to the "enemy" it can help you build coping strategies.

I work with men, women and young people and I can also offer Life Counselling if change and direction is needed.


I offer a safe place which is yours for 50 minutes each week to talk confidentially about whatever you want. Sometimes we need to be heard and to have someone who is non-judgemental, listens, is empathetic and kind.

I volunteer at a Domestic Abuse Charity and HARSAC Herts Area Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre.

I am an NCS Accredited Counsellor and a registered member of the BACP

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