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My Approach

Since opening my practice, I’ve counselled individuals to face life’s challenges by helping them understand their own emotional patterns and direct them towards making the right choices.

Everyone is unique, and I have counselled some amazing people who have survived domestic, sexual and childhood abuse, narcissistic relationships, controlling partnerships, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression.

I have also worked with clients who have suffered the  loss of a significant person in their life either from death or illness or the loss of a friendship, marriage, business, home or employment. Trauma covers everything which has reshaped your life and rocked your foundation.

With the right support you can achieve a better outlook on any issues that life brings your way.


Don’t know where to start? Please call me to arrange a free fifteen minute consultation.

Talking Mind Counselling

If you are looking for support in your life, please contact me anytime.

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